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Growing into History

When you outgrow your historic home, just build a bigger one next door—that's what JoAnn and Jules Plucker did in Historic Mooresville, Alabama. Once they did (and had stocked it with American folk art) visitors claimed it was a historic home that had always been there. We take a look at the clever condundrum in our October issue.

A Fall Gathering of Friends

Mark your calendars—Early American Life will host a get-together for our subscribers (and those who would like to be subscribers) at the Martin's Chair factory showroom on September 24th. We've planned to make it a party for all to enjoy. In addition to meeting our staff and our friends at Martin's Chair, we'll be hosting traditional artisans who will demonstrate their crafts, publisher Tess Rosch will lecture on what distinguishes a Windsor chair, and we'll have classes on making those chairs and old-fashioned apple butter. To make the festivities even more worthwhile, the entire weekend Martin's Chair will hold a fall sale with 10% to 20% off on furniture orders.  [MORE]

Barton Hall Update

Since the time we visited Bo Osborn at Barton Hall for the story in our October 2016 issue, Bo has made the hard decision to part with the hall that he and his late wife so lovingly restored (and he maintains as a tribute to her). We thought it fitting to give one last glance at the amazing restoration they accomplished over their decades of ownership—all the while working the land and paying for the work with a farmer's earnings.  [MORE]

Extra Oyster Recipes

We followed in the footsteps of a certain walrus and carpenter in our October 1610 issue and talked about many things, especially oysters. In our article about the ubiquitous mollusks, we promised extra recipes from the colonial period. Herewith we follow through with several recipes selelcted from Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery. You can download the recipes by clicking here.  [MORE]


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