JUNE 2015


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Cabin Fever

Once Stan Edwards got his first log cabin—as a birthday gift—in pieces—, he found that one was not enough. He built his own eight-acre village of cabins in Lewistown, Illinois. Rebecca Rupp tells the story in our June 2015 issue.

June Issue Bonuses

Our June issue had so much good stuff inside that ew couldn't fit it all, so we're posting a few extras online. These include: Bread Recipes particularly formulated for beehive ovens and historical accuracy, Mitchell Reiss's Williamsbug Initiatives, which outline his plans for the future of the museum, and a brief on Flag Etiquette prepared for (and courtesy of) the Architect of the Capitol, who probably flies more American flags than anyone in the world.

Winterthur to Host 2015 Directory

Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library will host the 2015 Directory of Traditional American Crafts. Handcraft artists whose work had been judged by our panel of experts to be of museum quality will be photographed among the exhibits at Winterthur. You can see the modern-day work of these talented artisans—best in America today—displayed among historic original antiques in the museum in our August 2015 issue.

Our Travels

Our Christmas treat this year was a visit to Montpelier in Virginia for their annual Candlelight Tour, a chance to see the historic mansion at night the way it would have been seen two hundred years ago—lit strictly by candle. We had the grand surprise of meeting President James Madison and his charming wife Dolley.

We're happy to report that Mr. Madison was delighted by the profile of him we present in our February 2015 issue. More than that, our visit was the first time we've had a chance to view the mansion since the completion of its restoration. (When we last visited, the new lime plaster on the walls was still drying, and decorating was out of the question.)


On December 31st John Moore wrote: Nancy Harbrecht did a terrific job in presenting the impressive reconstruction of the "Old Homestead."

I was very surprised to see that several casement windows had been installed. Is there any particular reason why the owners would put windows which I would consider to be a "No-No" in this beautiful old house?

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