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Miracle Fungus

The delight of beer and wine, the toastiness of bread, the bite of sauerkraut all owe existence to the fermentation wrought by yeast. Indeed much of the flavor palettes of both the Eastern and Western foods comes from fermentation. In our February 2016 issue, Mercy Ingraham tells about the miracle and workings of fermentation and offers several period recipes to try.

Alabama Welcome

We want to thank all the folks in Alabama who made our house tour a great success and gave us such a warm welcome at our Meet and Greet at Mooresville Mercantile—and you can join us in our visit in our April issue, where we take a grand tour of the little community with a great big heart.

During our short stay, we moseyed around, sampled some cooking at the town's two restaurants (okay, one's a coffee shop/art gallery), and crunched down on Lila's home-made pralines (best we've tasted). On our trip, we not only photographed Mooresville but also three plantation houses—one privately owned and not available for public viewing—and half a dozen residences in Mooresville decorated in period style, as well as a number of churches and museums. We'll share the highlights of the Mooresville part of our visit (at least as much as we could fit in) in the April issue of the magainze. Write us if you want to see more, and we'll post the best of the rest here.  [MORE]

Pen Glossary

In the print edition of our February 2016 issue, we didn't have sufficient space to include a full glossary of pen-related terms to accompany our Skills column about how to make your own quill pen. We've posted the complete glossary, which you can download by clicking here.

Thanks and You're Welcome

We send a big "Thank You" for the warm welcome we received from the gathered Early American Life subscribers who joined us for a get-together at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, Massachusetts, on St. Nicholas Day. Everyone got a chance to meet with other subscribers, homeowners whose houses have been featured in the magazine, and some of our writers (in addition to publisher Tess Rosch) amid the splentacular Christmas displays arranged by artist Judi Vaillancourt.  [MORE]


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