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Portrait of Gulamhussein & Bachman

Jacquie E. Gulamhussein (on the right) has been an artist all her life. She works in many mediums with inspiration from her soul and imagination as well as her interest in the realms of mystical magical characters and art dolls, from fantasy to vintage-style dolls. She sells her fantasy-style paintings as the Jacq.E.G. Gallery (which was once known as JacqEG Studios.)

"As a doll artisan, I have been blessed with many doll stories shared by the numerous people who I have met through shows, exhibits and those who collect my artwork," she noted. "I have learned that almost anything can be used to create a doll—the only real requirement is love. That is what brings the soul of every doll to life."

Gulamhussein calls her doll business and website "The Doll Whisperer."

Each doll is a collaboration with her husband, who designs and engineers everything from armatures to the mechanical components necessary to create accompanying props and displays. Gulamhussein herself designs and orchestrates each doll from conception to completion including using trompe l'oeil painting techniques on the art dolls to bring them to life. She personally creates and designs all costuming, the accompanying props, and accessories whenever possible.

Another collaborator is her life-long friend, Michelle R. Bachman, (shown on the left and also known as "The Doll-Parts Maker Extraordinaire") who is responsible for sewing and stuffing many of the essential doll parts used in Gulamhussein's creations. Bachman also creates many of the tiny jewelry pieces that adorn each art doll.

The Doll Whisperer
1502 Trail Bend Dr. N.W.
Swisher, IA 52338
Phone: 319-857-5576
Website: www.thedollwhisperer.com

Jacquie E. Gulamhussein & Michelle Bachman have been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2008, 
				Category: Toys or dolls
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