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Jeff Dietrich has spend the last 30 years exploring the artistic opportunities of clay. He has investigated a wide variety of ceramic techniques from high-fired stoneware to primitive pit firing, culminating in about the year 2000 when his personal environment changed significantly—from the 20th Century he stepped back to live and work in an 18th Century log house where he makes pottery. Noted Dietrich, "It’s a farmstead where the everyday ware of the earliest inhabitants would have most certainly been made of red clay dug from the nearby meadows."

While technicalities like an art education degree prevent him from being considered an academic folk artist, he creates his current work by drawing on inspiration provided by the themes and motifs of the largely anonymous artisan potters of eighteenth and nineteenth century rural Pennsylvania.

Loghouse Pottery
403 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, PA 19529
Phone: 610-756-6988

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Year: 2011, 
				Category: Pottery
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