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Portrait of Dixie Redmond

Dixie Redmond discovered that she loved making things at an early age—the whir of a sewing machine and the sound of construction equipment formed the music of childhood. Through her family, Redmond learned that raw materials become clothing, art, roads, and houses. As a girl, she used scraps of fabric and odds and ends of the household to create miniature worlds. After school at her Maine grandfather’s house, the young Redmond sewed drawstring bags and made elaborate dioramas using old Archie comic books. Her mom, her Granny Mosley and her Grandma Pritchett all sewed for joy and necessity. Through them, Redmond inherited a love of creating with cloth.

As an adult, Redmond followed a teaching career with art studies at Montserrat College of Art. After her own young children grew older, Redmond discovered art doll making and renewed her interest in folk art painting. She studied original Izannah Walker Dolls resulted in writing the Izannah Walker Chronicles, an online informational site about Izannah Walker’s work. Redmond’s love of cloth, and art and teaching has woven together to create the Izannah Walker Workshop, an online class focused on making dolls inspired by Izannah Walker.

Northdixie Designs
17 Evergreen Dr.
Hampden, ME 04444
Phone: 207-862-2366
Email: northdixie@gmail.com
Website: northdixiedesigns.com

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Year: 2012, 
				Category: Toys or dolls
Year: 2011, 
				Category: Toys or dolls
Year: 2010, 
				Category: Toys or dolls
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