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Portrait of Kathy Ketterer

Kathy Ketterer was introduced to the art of crocheting and knitting at age eight by an elderly woman who enjoyed passing on her talents to the children of the neighborhood. At that time it was considered a hobby not a craft.

After trying numerous crafts over the years, Ketterer discovered that the art of fine thread crochet, which has become a lost art, is what she enjoys doing the most. She loves detail and color and her works reflect that. To take a small, fine hook and thread and have the final product turn out so beautifully makes the time involved worthwhile. When she sits at shows and people reminisce, remembering growing up with this type of work in their homes, it puts a smile on her face and in her heart.

In 2007 Ketterer's business, Crochet Visions, came to life, reflecting the visions of past eras and looking to the visions in the future. As in the early times, fine thread items or lace, as it is also called, were considered heirlooms. Ketterer’s hope is that the pieces she produces are also considered heirlooms to be passed on generation to generation. Her works make beautiful accent pieces to any décor.

Ketterer decided to put her work out to the public and displays her pieces at various juried arts and crafts festivals in her area, including the Shaker Woods Festival in Columbiana, Ohio; Holiday Arts and Crafts Show at The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio; and Franklin Applefest in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Her work can be ordered from her website, which lists the festivals she attends.

Crochet Visions
Rochester, PA 15074
Phone: 724-452-6357
Email: crochetvisions@gmail.com
Website: www.crochetvisions.com

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Year: 2012, 
				Category: Textiles or needlework
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