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Portrait of Tracy Riddle

Tracy Riddle is a fiber artist living on a small farm near Worden, Illinois. She and her husband raise Border Collies and Border Leicester sheep. They travel the Mid-West attending historic sites and festivals with their sheep and dogs offering demonstrations explaining the important role sheep and their wool have played throughout history.

Riddle enjoys all aspects of working with wool, from tending their flock to the finished product. She helps her husband shear the sheep, then washes and dyes the wool. Riddle spins, knits, weaves and felts. She also milks the sheep to make sheep’s milk soap, and is anxiously waiting until the day to buy a larger farm, increase the size of their sheep flock and start her own wool mill.

Many people can locate Tracy at events by looking for the triangle loom in front of her tent. She likes to demonstrate how to weave Scottish tartan shawls by adapting the traditional pattern or "sett" to fit the loom. She uses hand dyed wool yarns to produce some of the lesser known tartans as well as the more popular ones seen at many Scottish events.

The Shepherd's Wife
6655 W Frontage Rd
Worden, IL 62097
Phone: 618-447-3276
Website: Facebook: The Shepherd's Wife

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Year: 2012, 
				Category: Textiles or needlework
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