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Portrait of John Spicer

John K. Spicer began his career building reproductions of 19th-Century furniture in the 1980s. He had always been impressed by the craftsmanship of period antiques and the history behind them, admiring the fact that many early cabinetmakers were farmers or joiners, some of whom had traveled to America from England and reinterpreted the style popular there for American homes. They used only the tools they had, doing everything by hand from cutting to planing to carving.

Spicer, who lives in South Lebanon, Ohio, about 20 miles east of Cincinnati, set out to learn how to re-create those valuable antiques in the same manner that they were originally built. Over the years he has, admittedly, been kicked out of every major museum furniture exhibit along the East Coast. Apparently the museum security is not amenable to patrons removing drawers to view the underside or crawling behind valuable pieces on display.

John K. Spicer & Son Cabinetmakers is now a booming and highly profitable business. The name became synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship with attention to detail and finishes that were exquisite in their authenticity.

John K. Spicer & Sons
380 King Ave
South Lebanon, OH 45065
Phone: 513-494-2598

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Year: 2015, 
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