DECEMBER 4, 2023

October 2023
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Fallen Giants

Until the early 20th Century, chestnut trees were the golden glow that lit America's fall forests, the most abundant tree in the Northeast, and their wood was used everywhere. Now native American chestnuts are nearly gone, victims of an Asian parasitic fungus. (The nuts you roast over an open fire are likely bland Asian chestnuts, not the sweet American variety.) But hope may be on the horizon. Rebecca Rupp tells the whole nutty story in our October issue.

Coming up in our December issue

We visit New England in our December 2023 issue to take a unique double-look at the restoration and preservation of a historic 18th Century home. The project begins with the 1721 Lucas-Johnston House in Newport, Rhode Island. Scholar/owner Nicholas Scheetz restored it so meticulously—dare we say perfectly?—that the city presented its first-ever Doris Duke Preservation Award to him in 2007. Time, alas, does not stop and even perfection fades. To preserve the work of her late husband—Scheetz—Diana Pearson partnered with Historic New England to obtain a preservation easement that protects the house inside and out. Editor Jeanmarie Andrews details both the restoration and preservation.  [MORE]

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