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Like an Apple but Made of Wood

The quince is a fruit of contradictions—it offers an irresistable aroma and almost inedible flesh—but was a favorite of our colonial ancestors (and their ancestors as well). In our October 2010 you can read the long history of the hard fruit than may have tempted Eve, caused the Trojan War, and may have made you grandmother's favorite jelly. (And we have a recipe!)

Security Warning!

Check your credit-card bill. Hackers have spoofed our account and placed small charges in our name against a number of credit cards. If you find a charge attributed to us that you did not make, notify your credit card company of an unauthorized charge (you should not have to pay for it). But more importantly, immediately change your credit card number or cancel your account. Such a charge means that your credit card number has been stolen! Change it before your number is used for expensive purchases.  [MORE]

An Apology and Update

We want to apologize for any problems you may have had with this website in early September. An ill-starred update by our web host caused parts of this site to malfunction. As a result, subscription attempts resulted in errors. Our host has rectified the problem.

For the safety of our staff (who have thus far eluded the Corona virus), we have been working remotely, leaving our office untended. However, we will staff our office on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9AM to Noon, Eastern Time, to take your calls at 440-543-8566. If you need human assistance, please call us then. Otherwise, email is the quickest way to get into contact with us.  [MORE]

Sourdough Recipe

Many of our readers have taken up baking while sheltering at home and have asked us for our Alaskan sourdough recipe that ran in out (now sold out) February 1984 issue. It includes a how-to in making your own sourdough starter as well as recipes for sourdough bread (naturally), sourdough pancakes, sourdough cinnamon rolls, sourdough brownies, and sourdough cheese muffins.  [MORE]


Shoenbrunn Village and Others Open June 16: Three popular museums in Ohio&rs
Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Open June 24: The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation has announced that that it plans to reopen Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown on Wednesday, June 24, as Virginia moves into phase two of its F
Several Major Museums Now Open or Opening: From press releases and museum web
Coronavirus Update, Take 2: As the dire predictions for the coronavirus come true, we
Visit to North Augusta’s Living History Park on Hold: To insu
Wall Preservation Symposium Postponed.:

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