FEBRUARY 7, 2023

February 2023
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As if a Chart Were Given

Contractors worked hard to restore the home of once-home/now-museum of Emily Dickinson, though they didn't burn their candles at both ends. In our February 2023 issue, Editor Jean Marie Andrews take you to a visit to Dickinson’s birthplace and life-long home, a tour that will illuminate some of her verses and help you appreciate their depth. .

Mea Culpa

Our February 2023 issue is here, but we must apologize for a error that occurred during the printing process—much to our chagrin, the front cover and spine of the Februuary 2023 issue accidentally retains the name from the previous issue, December 2022. The cover art and the entire contents of the magazine are correct and new for February 2023. We hope you enjoy them. And we promise the next issue, April 2023, will be properly designated inside and out.

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