JUNE 16, 2021

June 2021
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Simple Decorations for Plain People

In the early 1700s, Welsh cabinetmakers decorated boxes, chests, chairs, and tables with simple compass-drawn figures, which the conservative Quaker gentry found so appealing they bought many of the finely inlaid pieces. When rare antique in this style emerges from a private collections today, it can demand high prices. Our June 2021 issue tells the whole story.

Bonus Recipes from Mount Vernon

In our Christmas 2020 issue, we promised additional recipes from Martha Washington's Mount Vernon, including Layette Gingerbread, Fairy Butter, Apple Pie, Commpn Pie Crust, Shrewsbury Cakes, Compote of Apples, and a Chocolate Tart. We've made them all available for downloading in Microsoft Word format (so you can add your own notes and changes). You can download all of the recipes by clicking here.

Bonus Recipes: For Valentines Day

Looking for a Valentine's Day treat? We posted some recipes to accompany our February 2020 issue, and for this year we've reposted them again, here. You can view or download them by clicking here.

Security Warning!

Check your credit-card bill. Hackers have spoofed our account and placed small charges in our name against a number of credit cards. If you find a charge attributed to us that you did not make, notify your credit card company of an unauthorized charge (you should not have to pay for it). But more importantly, immediately change your credit card number or cancel your account. Such a charge means that your credit card number has been stolen! Change it before your number is used for expensive purchases.  [MORE]


Coronavirus Update, Take 2: As the dire predictions for the coronavirus come true, we
Thanks and You're Welcome: We send a big "Thank You" for the warm welcome we
Sourdough Recipe: Many of our readers have taken up baking while sheltering at home and have
Wall Preservation Symposium Postponed.:

As a precautionary measure and to en

Shoenbrunn Village and Others Open June 16: Three popular museums in Ohio&rs
The Ring of Coincidence: In our August issue in the story about Gill and Patty Sanchez a

Back Issues: Special Offer!

We're clearing out our warehouse to make room for future issues, and we have excess stock of our back issues. Help us reduce our inventory and prepare for the future with this special offer: any ten back issues for $32 with free domestic shipping. Want more? You can order twenty issues (assorted or all the same) for $58 or forty issues for $100, all with free shipping on domestic orders. Orders shipped to Canada or otherwise outside the USA are subject to additional postage.  [MORE]

Lost Painting Resurfaces

20th-Century work depicting Shays&rsquo Rebellion, a post-Revolutionary War uprising of struggling farmers in western Massachusetts, has resurfaced after six decades and is now part of the traveling exhibition Jacob Lawrence: The American Struggle, organized by the Peabody Essex Museum.  [MORE]

Lost Church Uncovered

Last fall, archaeologists uncovered the foundations of First Baptist Church, built in 1856—one of the first congregations founded by free and enslaved African Americans—within Colonial Williamsburg’s historic area. Archaeologist Jack Gary of Colonial Williamsburg said the excavation also uncovered the foundations of a smaller building at the site and a posthole that could date to the late 18th Century. It is not clear yet if the earlier foundation could be from the congregation’s first meeting house, built in 1818.  [MORE]

Memorial Honors Native Veterans

On Veterans’ Day, the National Native American Veterans Memorial opened on the grounds of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. Congress commissioned the memorial to give “all Americans the opportunity to learn of the proud and courageous tradition of service of Native Americans in the Armed Forces of the United States.”  [MORE]


Barton Hall Update: Since the time we visited Bo Osborn at Barton Hall for the story in our
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