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Ted Ferringer uses blacksmithing tools were handed down through the generations as well as methods from the `heyday of blacksmithing. The sound of an anvil that rings like a bell when hit is a pleasant reminder of the past and the historical importance of the blacksmith in the development of civilization.

His desire to return to our forefathers’ skill in craft making and to shun society’s dependence on impersonal mass production inspires him to handcraft authentic reproductions. He forges each item from iron, often by the same careful and tedious methods used by the blacksmith of old. His commitment to preserve the standard and quality of the trade shows in the amount of skill, labor, and time that go into each piece.

Seven Pines Forge
565 Overlook Rd
Knox, PA 16232
Phone: 814-797-1353
Email: sevenpinesforge@gmail.com
Website: www.sevenpinesforge.com

Ted Ferringer has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2018, 
				Category: Metals
Year: 2015, 
				Category: Metals
Year: 2013, 
				Category: Metals
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