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Portrait of Kathryn Polletto

Kathryn Polletto is a basket weaver who recently relocated from Silver Spring, Maryland to Kennebunk, Maine. She is the sole proprietor of Kennebunk Basketry. She is self taught and began weaving more than 25 years ago. While raising three small children at home, she continued to educate herself in basketry by reading books, and observing other basketry artisans at craft fairs. Over time, she expanded the sizes and styles of baskets in her repertoire, refining her skills and developing her own individual style. She regularly participates annually at juried fairs, art galleries and in several juried shops. Today, Kathryn uses various materials in the construction of her baskets, including hand-pounded black ash, white ash, maple, and rattan. The rattan, which she dyes herself, is useful for adding color to the baskets. She creates several styles of free-formed traditional baskets, often combining both ash and rattan. Still partial to rib construction, her favorite basket to weave is the Appalachian egg basket. Kathryn has begun using hand-pounded black ash for weaving smaller and miniature baskets. In addition to weaving, Kathryn dedicates much of her time to sharing the art of basketry with others. She demonstrates and teaches basketry to both children and adults. She recently received her Teaching Artist Certificate. This certificate requires applicants to explore ways of integrating their arts into the school’s academic curriculum. Kathryn’s residency for this program, titled “Weaving Math into Baskets,” explored the relationship between mathematics and basketry at the middle school level. Eager to work with young students, Kathryn encourages them to explore their creativity in new and different ways through this residency program.

Kennebunk Basketry
70 Fletcher St
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: 207-502-7115
Email: kennebunkbasketry@gmail.com
Website: www.kennebunkbasketry.com

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