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Portrait of Dave Petit and Terry Petit

Dave and Terry Petit operate Olde Shaker Woodcraft, a family business creating handcrafted furniture of lasting distinction.

Olde Shaker Woodcraft products are handcrafted with a simple, uncluttered yet sophisticated style. Being set apart from others in what they strive for. They offer specialities such as handcrafted dovetailing, color matching and hand rubbed finishes and use only quality paints and finishes on each of their traditionally crafted pieces.

Olde Shaker Woodcraft is proud to offer traditionally crafted historically inspired Shaker furniture and accessories. Every product shows their commitment to the Shaker tradition of quality and craftsmanship. An extensive knowledge of the Shaker lifestyle as well as knowledge of 19th Century woodworking techniques that goes into every piece.

"At Olde Shaker Woodcraft we believe good customer service is an important as traditionally crafted furniture," they note. "Therefore, we give our personal attention to every customer's idea."

Olde Shaker Woodcraft

Phone: 717-816-2334
Email: oldeshakerwoodcraft@gmail.com
Website: oldeshakerwoodcraft.com

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Year: 2013, 
				Category: Furniture
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				Category: Furniture
Year: 2011, 
				Category: Furniture
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