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Portrait of Michael & Sue Cappel

Michael and Sue Cappel started The Copper Rose over 25 years ago to create one-of-a-kind stone carvings for people all over the United States.

"The lost art of stone carving has been used for thousands of years both for practical purposes and to display a family's social standing," they note. From the very beginning, the Cappels have used their art to create focal points in their own gardens. Interest grew as people stopped and looked at their gardens. Soon many serious gardeners and novices alike wanted to create unique effects in their gardens, whether it was with one stone, several stones, or that special creation just for them.

Now the Cappels boast having stones in every state, as ell as many in various countries throughout the world. Their wide range of colors and sizes makes choosing that special piece easy for the large or small gardeners. Each carving is done by hand with basically the same tools used centuries ago, when stones were first used for building.

As of 2001, Michael was joined by his son, Jason. He has been apprenticing for several years now and has become an accomplished stone carver in his own right. Jason has, through his own skills and imagination, created several new and unique pieces enjoyed by many. Through this second perspective, Jason has added to The Copper Rose's existing collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The family looks eagerly ahead and anticipates many good things to be generated by Jason's fresh, enthusiastic, and skillful hand.

The Cappels enjoy stone carving only as a hobby. Perhaps it is an out-of-control hobby, but nonetheless, a hobby. They stated that when something is turned into a job it is no longer fun.

"We enjoy this too much to allow it to become an issue of production and money, they explain. "We take great pride in the fact that over the years, our prices have never changed and we still offer a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind stone for $30 as we did many years ago. However, we do offer a larger selection now that can be very expensive which is solely the result of more elaborate carvings."

The Copper Rose
14946 State Route 258 SW
Newcomerstown, OH 43832
Phone: 740-498-8992
Email: jcappel@roadrunner.com
Website: www.thecopperrose.net

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