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Gary Rosborough has been carving wooden sculptures for more than 15 years, inspired by the vibrant colors, forms, and symbols found in traditional Pennsylvania German folk art.

His love of antiques and folk sculpture encouraged him to explore creating these types of works for himself, so he studied the methods and techniques of the originals, from objects produced by master carvers of Pennsylvania’s past to the work of contemporary artisans. Then he developed a style of his own.

Working with a single chip carving knife, Rosborough creates sculptures and whimsies from figures he draws directly onto the wood. He carves the wood, sands it to a smooth surface, then paints each piece with multiple coats.

Each of Rosborough’s carvings is a unique work of art, which he signs and dates after completing it. Like sculptors from the past, he often adds a title or unique phrase on the base of his carvings.

PA Traditional Folk Art Carvings

Phone: 717-272-0956

Gary Rosborough has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2022, 
				Category: Wood
Year: 2020, 
				Category: Wood
Year: 2019, 
				Category: Wood
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